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Electronics, Telecom and Computing are ever more vital sectors in a fast paced and competitive environment. At Net Logistics, we assist our technology industry partners to thrive in the market through our top of the line supply chain management systems, specially designed to help our clients stay competitive by balancing cost efficiency, flexibility, speed and innovative product launches.

We take logistics one step further by providing consultancy services that aid our clients in saving costs, maximizing their profits and launching products in destination countries at the same time as these products are launched globally. Using your business’s market studies and requirements we provide a long term distribution plan that makes optimal use of our various modes of transportation that will help you launch products and ensure their continuous availability at a minimum transportation cost.

Net Logistics ensures the safety and security of your valuable products and guarantees clients full control and visibility throughout the supply chain process.

Supported by a strong global network, our presence in major manufacturing countries such as Europe, the USA, China and South East Asia, allows us to guarantee complete availability of all product lines in your target markets.

Our experts plan and develop a wide range of solutions to help you meet your business objectives.

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