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Net Logistics’ integrated logistics services cover everything from transportation, warehousing and distribution to complete supply chain management, starting from the Planning Phase and ending with Delivery or Reverse Logistics if required.

We work closely with clients to provide tailor made solutions for each industry sector’s requirements, while responding quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions.

Our flexible system organizes all aspects of logistics, planning, control and execution involved in moving the product from source to consumer.

We assist clients in identifying the adequate transportation and warehouse solutions for their business needs, as well as time and cost priorities.

Net Logistics’ business approach is based on 3 criteria: First, understanding your business needs before working in partnership with clients to design a customized supply chain management solution. Then, delivering experience excellence through the company’s unique, efficient operation system that functions through KPI processes, all while providing complete visibility for the whole supply chain process.

Our supply chain process benefits clients by covering all the logistics including creating a fast and efficient system, reducing inventory, decreasing costs and improving customer satisfaction.


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Supply Chain Solutions




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