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Retail and Fashion Labels exist in a fast growing, highly adaptable commercial sector. These industries are expanding at unprecedented rates both vertically and horizontally. In order to remain competitive and reflect the market, retail and fashion brands undergo a consistent expansion of product ranges, colours, sizes and other SKU variations.

This rapid movement and the inherent intricacies of this sector create unexpected challenges as the industry faces general logistics complications, its customers are more demanding, and its requirements are numerous as well as highly individual and unpredictable.

Retail and Fashion industry clients need experts to handle the logistics operations smoothly and transparently, leaving them to focus on their core businesses, without being held up by a constant influx of deliveries or product transportation setbacks.

Our team of logistics professionals believes in partnership with our business clients. Whether you represent a fashion, sports, electronics or appliances brand, from a multi or mono branded store, as a traditional retailer, or multinational franchiser, Net Logistics has a personal and ideal solution for you. By studying each industry, listening to your concerns and understanding your business’s challenges, the Net Logistics team reduces risks and designs the best supply chain solution to suit your needs.

Our solutions serve the retail industry seamlessly, aided by our well trained and experienced staff, extended network, deep-seated Levant presence, and internally developed IT system. For this reason more and more companies are trusting Net Logistics as their strategic partner.

Our operation boasts a broad portfolio of services covering everything from Supply Chain Strategy and Network Planning to Origin and In-Store Logistics:

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