Industry Solutions

By capitalizing on our close business relationships with clients and extensive experience in Freight Forwarding and Logistics, we have built a successful and flexible supply chain management system that caters to every industry sector’s requirements.

Whether your core business delivery demands include time & temperature control, white glove deliveries, dangerous goods handling, special technology handling, special effects, or oil & gas logistics solutions, our team of experts, with the use of our comprehensive, in-house developed IT systems, is committed to delivering service excellence at every juncture.

With Net Logistics, you remain in control of your business, defining your target while the company’s team of consultants provides tailor made solutions, and consistent, transparent feedback, ensuring delivery as per our original agreement. Net Logistics provides the most efficient, proactive and complete service for every industry sector.

Art Handling

At Net Logistics, we understand the specialized handling requirements and unique, time sensitive logistics processes of exhibition and tradeshow venues. In addition to the high pressure levels and last minute changes affecting the exhibitions themselves, our ...


Automotive Parts & Tires

Automotive parts and tires companies face a constant stream of challenges and are always looking for a competitive advantage. Superior logistics can play an essential part in reducing costs, improving productivity and maintaining excellent product condition ...


Project Cargo

Net Logistics offers Project Cargo Services for heavy industrial equipment and over dimensional tools. Project cargo services are complex operations requiring security,care and attention, along with intricate planning, management and execution through the supply chain ...


Oil & Gas

Strategically rooted in major Oil & Gas centers in the Middle East, Net Logistics’ deep seated understanding of this industry allows the company to offer a wide range of transportation and logistics solutions for Oil & Gas companies, suppliers and clients ...



Perishable logistics is a highly specialized field that requires an extensive understanding of logistics processes that are subject to time and climate control sensitivity. This area of logistics caters to consumable, pharmaceutical and healthcare ...



Whether you’re moving home or relocating your business, Net Logistics can provide you with professional removals and delivery services covering international and domestic shifts. We understand that moving is a life changing event. Our professional team makes removals ...



The Retail and Fashion Label sectors are among the fastest growing commercial industries, expanding at unprecedented rates both vertically and horizontally. The continuous expansion of product ranges, colours, sizes and other SKU variations ensures that brands ...


Special Projects

In 2006, Lebanon became a major destination for Military Cargo. Following the United Nation’s decision to deploy 15,000 soldiers to the south of Lebanon under UNIFIL, armies from more than ten countries sent fully equipped troops to the country, with plans for them to ...



Electronics, Telecom and Computing are increasingly vital sectors in a fast paced and extremely competitive environment. At Net Logistics, we assist our technology industry partners to thrive in the market through our top of the line supply chain management ...

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