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Strategically rooted in major Oil & Gas centers in the Middle East, Net Logistics’ deep seated understanding of this industry allows the company to offer a wide range of transportation and logistics solutions for Oil & Gas companies, suppliers and clients.

This sector’s major challenges for upstream processes are expertly managed and minimized by the Net Logistics team. We offer our clients the best supply chain solution design, encompassing large and heavy equipment as well as safe and secure transportation with the aim of increasing efficiency and productivity and reducing costs. Our expertise and flexibility allow us to provide a customized approach for special industry requirements regarding specialized equipment, supplies, rigs, and heavy lift transports.

Net Logistics always keeps you on track and provides visibility over the evolution of your activities throughout the supply chain as well as all your shipment related developments and control processes, through the IT solution system catered to your business requirements.

Net Logistics is committed to world class Compliance Services: HSSE, FCPA, QA and QC, adding value and peace of mind to your experience.

We offer a wide range of upstream solutions:

Upstream Solutions
Rig Moves Solutions
HSSE and FCPA Compliance

Our Advantages

  • Top quality service
  • Competitive Charter Costs
  • Crew training and a specialised team
  • Planned routes and journey
  • Continuous tanker maintenance and condition testing
  • High security storage depot with safety standards designed against: fire and pollution caused by leaks
  • Customized IT system for full visibility and control of the whole upstream process.


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